Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
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Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rough Footage

We filmed a sample scene from our music video to further illustrate our ideas to our audience. The key focus was showing some of the main shot types, sequences and moods that we intended to include in our actual music video. Clearly this early cut will be very different to our final piece but hopefully puts across our early ideas. This whole rough cut was filmed in one day, and edited in another. For our final music video, we may have to spend one day per location and a considerable longer time editing it to the required quality.

The locations used for filming are not the ones that will be used for our later shooting with the exception of the cupboard scene. Also noteworthy is that the piece as of yet is not in the correct order, as we didn't have time to use all our locations, and the enclosed chlaustrophobic scene will intercut some of the others. We did however use our actual cast, although additions may be required. Again set dressing and costume was not considered for this early rough cut. The locations used here are representative of the ones that will be used for the later filming (for example although the bridge scene here worked well, we have a better location available for the actual shoot).

The snow was an ideal addition to this rough cut. We initially hoped for filming our music video when it was snowing, although this is clearly something we have no control over. Here though, it does work very well in both providing and signifying a mystical atmosphere and also adding to the contrast of black and white editing. Black and white as mentioned previously is the main colour scheme for both Joy Division and Anton Corbijn so this is something we will definately use.

Importantly, this rough cut was filmed using DV tapes, whereas our actual shoot will be done in HD. This will instantly make a huge impact on it's quality and we intend to do a comparision video shortly to illustrate this.

Following a session of audience feedback this was the advice passed over to us for improving our video:

- Incorporate more (but subtle) signifiers to our central protagonist sharing his personality with the late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. Possibly include aspects of his iconic dancing in the cupboard scene (apparently inspired by his epileptic shocks)

-Multilayering in the bedroom scene of the protagonist in various positions around the room. This would further signify his confusion.

-Cutting between normal shots and fish-eye lens shots if possible. Also possibly consider intercutting between standard HD shots, and older camera effects (a technique used by Anton Corbijn).

-Filming another confined location in a crowd. This could be done at a pub or concert etc.

-More high angles to signify our protagonist's weakness and isolation.

We also got some helpful feedback on Youtube:

By filming rough footage it has allowed us to gain audience feedback at an early stage which as a result has helped to push forward our music video with fresh ideas in mind.

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