Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
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Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Friday, 28 January 2011

Cinematography, Lighting, Mise en Scene

We plan our video to be artistic in appearance. As has been said many times, our main influence is Anton Corbijn whose video are seen as highly sophisticated. We actually planned the concept before the actual song choice, so again the visuals are very important. We are intending a socio-realist style quality to the video.

Lens: We will experiment with the use of fish-eye lenses, as this is a quality often used by Corbijn. It creates a disorientated quality that would work well with our video.
Film Stock: Though our video is being filmed in HD, we also plan on using an 8mm iPhone app. This will take a bit of experimenting but could work very well (again it's a technique seen in Corbijn's work). It creates a gritty feel that we and Joy Division's music both signify. The 8mm look also gives it that indie film-maker appeal. The use of an iPhone shows a link between old and new media, which is vital for our work.
Filters: A black and white filter will be used. This signifies the work of both Corbijn and Joy Division. This has also been discussed in the previous post.
Snorricam: There's a whole post on this but I'll quickly recap it here. Auteurs such as director Darren Aronofsky are major fans of this film-making tool. It is essentially almost a reverse of a POV shot, looking back at the character's face directly. Again it creates a disorientating feel as well being great for capturing emotion.
Depth of field: We plan to vary the depth of field of shots in our video. Two of the key themes are confinement and isolation so clearly confinement is signified by tight framing in contrast to isolation being signified by wider framed shots. The use of both should create some striking visuals.
Camera movement: Again this is something that we will vary in the video. We plan some shots to be perfectly still whereas some more quick shots to be moving, and sometimes tracking the protagonist. Again this should keep the video interesting throughout. We also plan some shots to be hand-held which will again contrast, and are at this stage considering using a tripod dolly for certain scenes.

Due to the fact that a lot of filming will be done outside, this is something we have little control over. For the best quality footage we will need brighter weather, and certainly not during the day. A lot of this will be about trial & error.
In the confined scene we can control the lighting. We plan to use either a lamp (flashing on and off) or a strobe light to create some very interesting visuals. This also signifies Ian Curtis' epilepsy. The flashing will also allow us to inter-cut to other shots from different angles.

Mise en Scene
As with the lighting mise-en-scene is something we can not really control ourselves. However there are certain things we will control.
The clothing of our main character is discussed a few posts previously. He will wear a grey overcoat, have black hair, smart trousers and shoes. This is intended to signify him as sharing similarities with the late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.
Inside - In the cupboard will be nothing (apart from our protagonist) It hopefully won't even be recognisable as a cupboard, it's meant to signify just the confinement being felt. Here our character will not be wearing a shirt to signify his changing body temperature and also his fragility.
In the bedroom there will be little set dressing as little is required. We want our video to not look out of place with the original Joy Division video's so we want it to have a timeless quality. That means anything that could disrupt this signification will be removed from the shot - leaving a lot of it neutral.

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