Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video, together with two of the following options:

1. a cover for its release as part of a digipak (CD/DVD package);
2. a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package).

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Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Music Video: Rough Cut 3

This latest rough cut is not too different from the previous. We added transitions and tightened up a few sections. We wanted more audience feedback before we did anything more substantial.

-Experiment with more overlaying and inter-cutting in the cold turkey scenes to emphasise the distress. This could work especially well towards the end of the video.
- Don't forget the 8mm footage - it could work really well in certain scenes.
- Transitions work well. The ghosting style in to the car park scene could be extended to flash on screen 4 times rather than the current twice.
- The first cold turkey scene shot of the wall appears almost like the floor. Try overlaying a different shot from the scene or just remove it.
- Try to cut a few shots to match the music more. For example at 0.29 this shot could come in a few seconds earlier when there is a "whoosh" sound.
- Look at the underpass scene again and just tighten up some the cutting to the beat. Possibly inter-cut another shot too?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Music Video: Rough Cut 2

Our second rough includes the cold-turkey, confined scene. We also experimented specifically for audience feedback by removing the 8mm footage as we are not sure whether to use it or not.

- Superb! This cut of the video was received very well by our audience, and we too agree that the video has stepped up a level.
- Callum was dubious about the shot on Malham Cove where our protagonist is laying down. He said it appeared "comical" which Jonny, Joel and thankfully(!) the audience completely disagreed with. So this shot will stay.
- The use of framing was particularly good.
- The audience wanted to see the 8mm footage again before they made any conclusive judgements on it. We will probably cut the same edit except with the 8mm included for comparison.
- The socio realist style is signified well and looks good.
- The divide on the split screen shot is not noticeable. Although as shown below some people were aware of this. We as the actual makers of the video can see the divide so will certaintly look into changing it.
- Use of HD cameras is to the full extent. Works very well on the underpass scene in particular.
- Experiment with cutting certain scenes to the beat (but don't over do it!).

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Music Video: Rough Cut 1

Our first rough cut does not include the cold turkey scene. Due to the amount of locations being used in our video, we wanted to make sure that the rest of the video flowed before over-complicating matters.

Our own:
Callum - We should remove quite a bit from the woods section to allow more time for other scenes at later points.

Audience Feedback:
- Train scene is good but perhaps cut a bit more distance between the position of the train.
- 8mm footage works well in wide open spaces, but not particularly in more confined locations i.e the woods.
- If possible try a shot filmed from on the train as you go past the car park. Unfortunately this shot isn't really achievable, but we will look at alternatives.
- In the bedroom scene (which is yet to be included) experiment with overlaying of the same character (or different) and use editing to "ghost" them.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Original Photographs for Advert

We collected images on location for our advertisements. When taking the photos we had past Joy Division imagery in mind. And by this I mean not just imagery of the band themselves, but other artwork and posters that were created for them. We felt our photography should link in stylistically with the original Joy Division imagery. We made sure to take lots of photos so we can try out various things. We also had to bear in mind that we wanted to produce multiple adverts in 3 different sizes (double page spread, full page spread, half page spread). Depending on which size advert we were taking the photos for, we had to compose the photography to suit it. The below slideshow (created using Picasa) includes all of our original photographs from the shoots.

Original Photographs for Digipak

The below slideshow features all the photography collected for intended use on the front cover. Whilst taking the photos we took extra care to set up Joel and the background exactly as we wanted, so we actually had the original Touching From A Distance cover with us for reference. Just like when filming, it is essential to get "coverage" so we can have different choices for which image works best.
The front cover imagery was taken in Ilkley, and the back cover was photographed on top of Malham Cove.

This short video offers you an insight into the process of us taking the photos. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Call Sheets

Call Sheet - Day 1

Call Sheet - Day 2

Call Sheet - Day 3

Call Sheet - Day 4
Call Sheet - Day 5

Storyboarding & Animatic

To begin experimenting with how the shots will flow and the duration of each one, we felt it would be useful for us to adapt this storyboard into the form of an animatic.

Production Schedule