Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
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Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Recent Media Coverage of the Band

Though Joy Division were not around long, they left a significant impact on music. Their influence is huge and covers a wide range of bands and song titles (such as The Wombats *erm* tribute? "Let's Dance To Joy Division"). Though it's been now 30 years since they split up, they still have a huge following.

Just very recently "a dark township house" cover of "She's Lost Control" was released by artist Spoek Mathambo, who has renamed the track "Control".The cover is interesting in comparison to most covers. The Guardian said it was "Grim - but very good". I'd agree but they're not describing the original...
The video has the dramatic black and white tones of Anton Corbijn, too. Like Corbijn, the video's director (Pieter Hugo) is mainly a photographer, hence why the video is so artistic.
Joy Division influenced not just alternative music, but a huge range of genres. The actual sound of the track is very much a combination of Depeche Mode and Joy Division with a S.African touch. From what I have seen, it has generally received positive feedback, which is often rare for cover versions, especially when it comes to Joy Division. The video can be seen above.

NME celebrated Joy Division in the 30th anniversary issue. The front cover features a photo of Ian Curtis that had previously been used when they were a band. The magazine stated that "the album is still a masterpiece".
Former bassist Peter Hook, is now touring America playing the whole of Unknown Pleasures with a back up band, as well as debating rerecording some of the songs with that band (why?). He has also just opened a new venue in Manchester called "The Factory" (a tribute to Factory Records). Bernard Sumners and Stephen Morris now play in Bad Lieutenant, an alternative rock band. Meanwhile everyone else eagerly awaits a New Order reunion.

Each year we can expect a new Joy Division compilation album to be released, hence ours this year. The latest was a collection of 7" singles entitled "+- Singles 1978-80". The fan reviews heavily criticised the boxset, especially the artwork with one fan saying "Very, very disappointing - refrain from buying." Most packages are just the same songs except in a different format with different artwork. This is especially true when it comes to a band like Joy Division, who only actually had two studio albums. The boxset was never released on CD, so we intend ours to improve upon this good template and tracklisting, except improve it to aim to please the fans.

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