Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
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Director - Jonny Hughes (JH)
Cinematographer - Callum Moreman (CM)
Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Post Punk - Codes & Conventions

Post Punk originated in the late 70s before finding true success amongst the indie-rock scene of the 1980s. It takes influence from the original Punk scene of the early 1970's, but musically is much more complex, experimental and industrial. It was seen as the starting point from which the Gothic Rock scene evolved. During a time in which big budget bands were dominating, Post-Punk grew as a low-budget genre for the everyday person. makes a great definition as what defines the genre from it's predecessor saying "the punks were marked by their attitude, where as most post-punk musicians can be marked by their lack of attitude. Punk music wanted to create a revolution. Post-punk music wanted to create art."

Key bands of the genre were Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, Jesus & the Mary Chain, (early) The Cure, The Sound, The Fall, Killing Joke and Bauhaus. Some even class certain albums by Sonic Youth, U2, REM, The Smiths and Depeche Mode as dipping into the genre.

Music Videos

Echo & the Bunnymen - Killing Moon [1984]

- It is for the most part a concept video, although certain aspects of performance are seen.
- Prominent shots of the moon (clearly linking to the song name). These shots of the moon are reoccuring, anchoring their importance.
- Very simple colouration for the video. A blue filter has been used giving the video a horror-like vibe. At 2.09 and 1.12 there is a very strong use of the colour red. The majority of the video lacks colouring, so this extremely contrasts.
- The video is surreal in many ways. Shots of water changing to the moon (through editing) help signify the strange elements to the music.
- Though most of the video is darkly lit, in parts it makes use of a flashing light. Shadows are also used to great effect in the video.
- Quite a lot of shots are repeated throughout, signifying a strange importance about the objects.
- The rest of the band feature in a cameo role. They all appear very emotionless. Interesting piece of editing is used at 2.29.
- There is a use of coldness (snow) which helps signify the dark, cold style of music.

Bauhaus - She's in Parties [1983]

- Concept video
- Bleak, black & white colour filters.
- The video is very slow paced (as is the song), and there is actually little shot variation. These slower paced shots are contrasted with quick cuts to imagery such as plates smashing. The cutaway shots are very often more tightly framed close ups.
-  The gothic genre is signified through the band's appearance (clothing, hairstyle, makeup etc.)
- Again there is a use of flashing imagery to contrast normal shots. It gives the video an interesting visual element. But it also conceals the bands faces slightly. There are more examples of this, such as the frame used at 1.00
- Another emphasis on coldness. At 1.01 as the singer lip syncs, we get shots of his breath as he sings. This is coldness helps signify the darker mood.
- Use of overlaying and cross-fading transitions to keep the pacing the same. Also adds to the distortion.
- Lots of frantic editing at 2.32, with shots zooming in and out and shaking. Lots of examples throughout of distortion of shots.
- As well as the black and white colour filter, there are other colours used such as purple and blues.
- At the very end of the video there is a shot of the bands single. This is a technique commonly used in the 80s.

The Cure - A Forest [1980]

- Performance/concept video
- For the most part the video makes use of a green/blue colour filter. Gives the video a striking appearance.
- Again the pacing is slow to match the tempo of the music. There is a lot of camera movement in the shots though...
- Interesting use of zooms/pans in the forest section especially the spinning shot of the trees. Clearly the forest's locations is linked to the track name and theme.
- The band show little emotion in the performance sections - if anything they look unhappy. The performance section uses standard close ups of drums/guitars etc.
- Use of cross-fade transitions from the performance to the concept. Keeps the video flowing and pacing the same.
- Use of cutting to the beat (lyrics) at 2.00. Nice shot of camera panning down (with distorted filter) as he sings "down" also with a distorted sound.
- Lots of experimentation with colour filters towards the end of the video. Overlaying is also used here. Helps bring the video to a dramatic, strong ending as does the song.
- Fades to black at the ending.

The Fall - Fifteen Ways

- Extended 25 second introduction with a extreme editing. Inversed black and white? Striking in appearance. Colour then reverts to standard black and white as the song comes in.
- Much quicker cutting than previously discussed videos. The shots of the lip syncing are slower paced and again deadpan. Contrasting use of very quick cutaways to other objects.
- Performance aspects are again included.
- Has a quick break away from the main concept at 2.13 when the drums play alone. Nice little break in the middle of the video.
- The use of black and white is very strong. Contrast has been increased to emphasise this.
- Locations used are very industrial, and urban. But they are in predominantly run down areas. We can guess that there was little budget behind the making of the video.
- Again use of flashing imagery towards the end of the video such as at 3.02.
- Little references to the lyrics in the imagery. Typewriter types "15 ways" for example.
- News report style delivery in places. Still has a combination of performance in this. Use of split screen.
- Lots of movement within the shots.

The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out [1992]

- Concept video
- Fairly slow paced. Lots of use of overlays in which most of the time the background shot lasts throughout various cuts on the top layer.
- There are also lots of repeated shots such as the one of the women laying down at 0.11 and various other times.
- Use of lots of different colour filters. At different points we see sepia, black & white, red and most commonly a blue filter used.
- There are slight relations between the imagery and the lyrics. Such as shots of a couple, and also a car.
- A shot of some waves (?) with a sepia tone overlays a large majority of the video, and it remains by itself at the end of the video. This actually distorts a lot of the other shots, signifying the past and/or memories.
- Unlike most of the previous videos, the band never appear in the video.
- As Morrissey sings "double decker bus" at 1.05 we see a shot of a bus in the background. This also reveals a location of the city. This shot looks like old stock-footage, however I could be wrong.
- Use of flashing imagery again. Slightly quickens up the pace in some sections.
- The video here more than other seems to want to bring more attention to the song rather than the visuals.
- The ending shot carries on after the track has finished before fading to black.

Having looked at videos of the post-punk genre, I can begin to suggest certain codes and conventions that most of the videos include. So far I have found:
- A lot of the videos are performance or concept based. Many combine the two in some manner. 
- There is a lot of use of flashing imagery.
- Multi-layering is also used very often as is cross-fade transitions.
- Whilst the videos often use slow paced imagery, quick cutaways to close ups are used to keep the video flowing. 
- Locations used are generally run-down or urban. 
- Use of colour filters, especially black and white. 
- Lots of camera movement to help keep the visuals interesting.
- Some sort of motif or theme is repeated through the video. This can sometimes link to the lyrics. 
- An emphasise on the cold and dark to signify the mood of the band. Characters often seem very deadpan.

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