Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
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Director of Photography/Cast Member - Joel Colborne (JC)

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

We were given the task of creating a music video as a class in our school. Because of this I felt that the song "Friday, I'm In Love" by The Cure would be an ideal candidate as it deals with days of the week.
  Bearing in mind the location of a school, I felt that an idea we could do successfully could be based around a Romantic Comedy storyline. As the storyline does not vary very often in highschool romances, we would be able to have a very clear idea in mind. We would use the stereotypical characters and conventions of the genre. We could reference other films or music videos as this would increase audience appeal.

It fits with the song, as the theme and idea is a very-lighted one just like the actual song. Though the band themselves have reputations for being goths, very often their music was upbeat such as on this song, "Just Like Heaven" and "Lovecats". I felt my video would help capture that mood well. The Cure are also well known for their eccentric personas so this kind of of aspect could be incorporated into my video, as clearly the tone isn't the most serious.

Not personally being keen on the rom-com genre, I actually came up with this idea as I felt that it would have a large appeal to most people in the class. Unfortunately my idea wasn't picked, which would suggest rom-coms possible aren't popular with media students?

Below is the actual video for this song, released by the Cure in 1992.

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