Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division - Disorder
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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Transmission Records - Website

We created a website for our record company "New Transmission Records". You can view that website by clicking here.

Websites are essential for companies (especially smaller ones) to get wide spread attention. As magazines and the printed media are declining, websites are becoming more and more important in helping attracting audiences. The internet offers companies the opportunity to advertise and vitally it's free if you use a hosting website such as Blogger like we have. Whole companies run off the internet completely - it can act in many ways as a shop.

For existing customers and fans, websites also feature additional information and insight into the chosen subject. Updating the website regularly helps keep followers interested. Likewise so does offering some sort of exclusive offers or content.

From a company's point of view, using a host such as Blogger can be very helpful. Blogger details the location of each viewer to the site and the most popular posts, which can be useful in helping a company establish more information on it's consumers.

I looked at a range of record label's websites before creating my blog. One that was particularly useful was that of Depeche Mode's label "Mute". There website (or blog) is currently temporary but this in itself was very useful to see how they approached creating a company using another host site ( Their website is divided into the sections: News, US News, Mute at Short Circuit, Releases, Events, Audio, Contact, Mute Song, Mute Bank and US Store.

As previously stated, this was my key influence when creating our company blog. I divided ours into the following sections; Home (News), History, Artists, Releases, Gallery, Videos, Shop, Contact Us. This was done using the "pages" option on Blogger. I felt it gave the blog or more realistic, website style of appeal.

The video below is myself taking you through the blog, discussing all of it's content. Enjoy!

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